Black and white photo of Chris smiling.

Sandwood Bay

After months of Covid restrictions being imposed on Scotland, I managed to escape Glasgow and head up North for a night of wild camping on Sandwood Bay.

Sandwood Bay had been on my radar for a while and a few of us had settled that it would be the next spot for a few nights camping. Unfortunately, throwing the Scottish winter and Covid-19 into the mix it took us over a year to actually get there.

Sandwood Bay is a natural bay in Sutherland, on the far north-west coast of mainland Scotland. It looks like something you'd see in California or Australia with its 1-mile-long beach, natural sand dunes and its very own sea stack.

On the road up, you drive through some of the most remote areas of the Scottish Highlands. The road cuts through moorlands and mountains passing Loch after Loch.

After the 3 hour drive from Aviemore, where we camped the previous night, it's a ~4 mile walk to the beach.

The path is great though and when you arrive at the beach it feels like you deserve it.

The following morning I got up around 8am and went a wander.