Top Picks - April 2019 🚀

Top Picks - April 2019 🚀

# Native image lazy-loading for the web! ⭐

Any performance focused web designer or developer will be over the moon at a blog post by Addy Osmani about an upcoming native lazy loading tag, that can be added to any <img> and <iframe> tag.

Imagine 🚀…

<img src="/cat.gif" lazy="true" />

The article explains the stage in which the implementation is at and provides some details about fallbacks. This is a much-needed feature of browsers, especially for mobile users.

# Daily - Curated Dev News

I’ve been using my Chrome new tab page as a glorified RSS reader for a while now with Muzli, which is predominately aimed at designers. Back in 2016 Invision bought Muzli and since then I personally feel it’s turned primarily into a tool to promote Invision and their suite of products.

I stumbled across Daily in April and haven’t looked back. It’s like Muzli but with more development related news and free of any promo stuff, so far. Give it a go!

# Editor.js - Block style editor

Imagine you could ask a user for data using a wide range of inputs (that you control) and then take that data and export it as extremely clean and self-documenting JSON - that’s Editor.js.

For example: If a user enters a list

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3

Editor.js will spit out a self-describing object of its contents and state.

"type" : "list",
"data" : {
"style" : "unordered",
"items" : [
"List item 1",
"List item 2",
"List item 3"

You can then take that JSON, store it and retrieve and use it in any modern language or stack.

I’ve never used it but I think I will in the near future.

# Public Sans - an open source font by the US GOV

Public Sans is a free, open font (available in weights from 100-900) from the federal United States Web Design System with a Github project that you can contribute to. It’s described as: “A strong, neutral typeface for text or display."

Being from the UK I’ve followed the design of GOV.UK’s open source design system (GDS) and their pioneering approach to implementing accessibility and inclusive design. Seeing another major government body providing the world with open design assets is a massive step in the right direction.