Black and white photo of Chris smiling.


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At work:

  • Re-writing mobile apps to use Swift and Swift UI on iOS and TWA on Android.
  • Archiving decades worth of news content but keeping it all publically accessible for historic reference.
  • Optimising loads of complex WordPress queries to squeeze some ms off them.
  • Trying to get my head around IAB v2 and the dodgy world of cookies.
  • Building a bespoke static site boilerplate/workflow for a small team to help them kickstart their client projects. It's my first project where the client has specifically asked for Eleventy. Woohoo!

In life:

  • I’ve been doing a lot of cycling since March (lockdown) and I really want/need to keep this up over winter. I'm averaging around 80-100km a week.
  • About to join Zwift.
  • Preparing to move house in October after a hefty delay in the process.


For fun:

  • Building a single speed bike.
  • Converting all my family VHS tapes over to digital.