Black and white photo of Chris smiling.


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At work:

  • Re-writing mobile apps to use Swift and Swift UI on iOS and TWA on Android.
  • Trying to get my head around IAB v2 and the dodgy world of cookies.
  • Building a completely new website for a digital signage and animation company that works closely with Formula 1.

In life:

  • Got my Wahoo Kickr set up and embarking on the world of Zwift.
  • Setting up a home office in my spare room, working from home is the norm now for me. I'm enjoying it though.
  • Decorating, laying flooring and general new home chores.
  • Planning some winter wild camping for when restrictions are lifted.

For fun:

  • Setting up my garage as a man cave for all my hiking, cycling gear and tools.
  • Converting all my family VHS tapes over to digital.
  • Building a web app that runs within my home network for my son to watch videos on his tablet.