I use a lot of stuff in my day-to-day, some of which can be found on this page.

None of the links on this page are affiliate links and each link contain no tracking UTMs. There’s also zero no third party tracking on this page. Browse at ease 😊.

# Contents

# Hardware

# Audio

# Photography Gear

# Lenses

I love full manual older lenses. You can get extremely well built lenses with great glass for cheap (compared to modern alternatives). I enjoy using them, it makes me think.

# Accessories

# Desktop Applications & Tools

I use a mix of open-source software, leased and commerical software. I lease apps through SetApp, I love it.

# Development

  • Visual Studio Code - My editor of choice right now, can’t really fault it.
  • iTerm 2 Nightly - I prefer the customisation options you get with iTerm, also the global hotkey is a must.
  • SequelPro - Use for all my relational database needs, used it for years.
  • FileZilla - Whenever I need to quickly get into a server and see what I’m doing.
  • ImageOptim - Crunching images for the web, save some space or strip personally identifiable metadata.
  • Marked 2 - Previewing markdown I’m writing in Visual Studio Code.
  • Paw - I love native apps, Paw is an API tool for Mac.
  • Tower - The only Git client I have ever needed.

# Design

# Photography/Photo Editing

  • Lightroom Classic - I hope Adobe don’t kill this. I don’t mind Lightroom CC but I hate that your library has to live on the cloud.
  • MetaImage - Clean and efficient way to edit photo metadata.
  • Renamer - I have a couple of presets set up to organise my photos based on the metadata timestamps.

# Misc

# Mobile Applications & Tools

# Productivity

# Weather

# Music & Video

# Social

  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Messenger

# Photography/Photo Editing

  • Darkroom - A brilliant photo editing tool that beautifully integrates with iCloud Photos. When they add the ability to adjust clarity I’ll ditch Polarr completely.
  • Polarr
  • RNI Films - The most realistic film presets I’ve found, also fantastic but simply editing tools.
  • TouchRetouch - One app that solves one problem well - and better than others attempt to.
  • Lively - Exporting live photos as GIFs and Movies.

# Hiking

# Backpacks

# Footwear

# Equipment

# Jackets

# Accessories

# Cycling